Living in a Hostel

The email stated, "Congratulations! You're admitted to IMT Ghaziabad Executive MBA programme for the academic year 2018-19". 
I experienced mixed emotions of happiness because I was finally going to do my Masters and sadness because I had to leave my friends and family behind and move to another city.
I packed my bags, enjoyed a glass of beer with my best friends at home and headed to the airport for my flight to Delhi.

During my transit, I had flashes of the movies Rockford and 3 Idiots about how hostel life would be for me for next 365 days.

I entered college and was mind blown by the campus infrastructure. 
Well, if you've lived in Bombay your whole life, you don't expect to see an 11 v/s 11 football field in the college campus. We are used to tall buildings and no space. 
I got the keys to my hostel room and while enjoying a cigarette with my hostel roommate, I was flabbergasted with the amenities in the room - a chair, a table, a bed and a cupboard.
Where the fuck …

Guest Post by Rahul Bandiwadekar (Pause… Live! Don’t just Exist!!)

Year 2015. I was just done with my MBA and was placed in a French Multinational Company. All of 24 years old and eager to win at everything there is. One of the blessings(read: curses) of getting out of an MBA for me at least was it molded me into another potential rat race candidate if I wasn’t one already. I kept telling myself, “alright, let me just grind it out and set myself up for the next few years and then I'm gonna chill.”
Close to 4 years later… one evening, I was enjoying a round of drinks with Dad when he popped the question while glancing through his Facebook app, “hey I see your friends did a trip to Dubai, and another group is doing a Euro Trip. What happened? Didn’t get your leaves approved?”
To which I responded, “No, to be honest I didn’t even ask for leaves. I lied to my friends about it however so please keep that in mind if it ever pops up in any future conversation… Maybe later… I've still got a lot to do. A lot to achieve. Maybe once that’s done, I will.”

Losing and Gaining a Best Friend

I feel unhappy, I feel so sad, I’ve lost a best friend that I ever had.
We met in the 7th grade and were inseparable ever since. I have so many fond memories of him from studying math together to being introduced to football and classic rock music, from crushing on the most popular girl in school to bonding with each other’s siblings, from our first drink together to going for underground poker tournaments, from always standing up for each other to the eventual fallout.
My father once told me, “Don’t ever let girls, money or business come in the way of friendship” and yet I did. I made the mistake of falling in love with my best friend’s ex-girlfriend. I got romantically involved with her and my best friend from school cut all ties with me. 10 years later, I bumped into him at the movies and there was a plethora of emotions that just came back to the surface, we welcomed each other like two brothers who had been at war for so long. We knew our friendship was restored but there was no …

Guest Post by Sarthak Dhanwantri (Barcelona Diaries)

The Idea
When I started binge watching How I Met Your Mother, almost a decade back, I became an instant fan of Barney. (Well, I watched HIMYM before Friends, so Chandler is second in the list). Our Neil Patrick Harris aka ‘Suit-up’ guy always gave mantra to make life legend-wait-for-it-dary and his love for Laser tag and strip club, made an entry into my to-do list.
Thanks to Play Arena, Bangalore, played laser tag back in year 2015.What’s left was strip club and I had to wait for 4 years for that. While pursuing my masters, I got an opportunity to go to France for an exchange term and that’s when I planned to tick the long pending item.
I wasn’t as excited for Eiffel as I was for strip club. And what better place to full-fill the wish other than Barcelona, home of Camp-Nou, mecca for Messi fans. Although I’m a Ronaldo fan, but one simply can’t miss the talisman in action.
Morning in the city

As Barney said that nothing is Legendary unless your friends are there to witness it. I had co…

5 Tips to beat COVID-19 at Home

A community spread is happening with COVID-19 cases rising at the speed of light. I live in Andheri (East) which has become Mumbai's new hotspot after Dharavi slums and yet there is no cure or vaccine available to treat the coronavirus patients.
I am writing this blog post which is issued in public interest so that you and your family can stay safe at home and beat the COVID-19 symptoms with these simple remedies and instructions given by the public health authorities.
1) Warm Water You need to start your day with a glass of warm water which will help cleanse your body and also help in case of cough, cold or sore throat. Continue drinking only warm water throughout the day.
2) Multivitamins Our immunity is currently compromised and children & elderly are at the highest risk of being infected with COVID-19. Please reach out to your local pharmacist and buy Vitamin C (Celin 500) and Zinc (Zincovit) tablets.
3) Indian Gooseberry Make sure you have a glass of Indian Gooseberry or Avla ju…