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10 Happy Moments by Aakriti Kochhar Sachdeva

10 Happy Moments of My Life 1. The first time I held my baby sister in my arms.  I was happy I had someone I could bully! 2. The first time I saw the Eiffel Tour twinkle.  There is nothing about Paris that didn’t fascinate me: the wine, the fashion, the culture, the gastronomy and the people (especially the men!) Then first time I saw the Eiffel tour was like a long awaited dream come true! The better part, I sponsored my own trip! 3. When I brought my first puppy home and my life has never been the same! My dogs have taught me to love selflessly and to always look where I put my foot (if I don’t, its usually in dog poo) 4. When I entered Disneyland! The first thing on my bucket list was going to Disneyland since I could probably spell ‘Disneyland’! I was longing to go to the happiest and most magical place on Earth! Going there with the love of my life made this experience even better. 5. When I met my childhood friend after many years over drinks and realized distance didn’t ch

Expectations by Kriti Sharma

How would your life be if you weren't expected to be an obedient child? Would you be determined? or would it be confusing? Would you be able to find your own path? Or would you be stuck questioning your every move? Would it be exciting to rebel? or would the choices bore you? As a child my parents never expected anything from me except being a good human. I was never forced to do anything, and if they ever forbid some action, I would try to understand why. Partly because I liked keeping an "average child" image. I would always see my younger brother (who was super smart) burdened by the expectations because of his AWESOMENESS! I realised that the better you are at something, the more under scrutiny you are. So, to avoid the Cons , I liked to avoid living up to my potential. Sounds Crazy right? Coming from a highly educated family, I am the least educated with a Bcom, Mcom, LLB and IPCC. Had I not put up that front, I would have come under tremendous pressure and may have

5 Things I Learned in my 20s

I was young, wild and carefree in my 20s and had one motto in life – experience everything at least once in my life with no regret and irrespective of its consequences and repercussions. As I inch closer to turning 30 next year in February, the world went into a lockdown and it gave me ample amount of time for self-reflection, soul-searching and making lifestyle changes to condition my mind as to how I want to shape the next 50yrs of my future life. The following is a list of 5 things/lessons that I learned in my 20s from life:- 1. Restrict your Social Circle You can have a hundred fair-weather friends but once you identify your core set of five to ten people whom I refer to as “permanents”, that’s enough to sustain a happy and fulfilled life. Of course! Lesser the friends, lesser is the drama. Oh! I’m a lucky man, To count on both hands, The ones I love, Some folks just have one, Yeah, others they got none, Stay with me, Let’s just breathe 2. It is okay to FAIL!

Curious Case of Nepotism

Due to certain circumstances in 2014, I had to turn to my father to help me make a career shift from Sales & Marketing to the Shipping industry. A lot of my work colleagues called me a classic case of nepotism because I leveraged his reputation and contacts to begin my journey in Maritime.  When I look back now, I feel extremely content that he opened a door of opportunity for me where I started off as a trainee and worked my way up in the organization to mid-level management with sheer dedication and hard work without any favouritism or getting job promotions on a silver platter. Now let’s talk about the trending topic in the news – Nepotism in Bollywood. I firmly believe there is nothing wrong if the son/daughter of a famous actor, female actor, director or producer gets a launch pad for their debut in movies. The problem arises when these A-listers create a clan in the industry and do not give equal opportunity to outsiders who come with dreams of making it big with their pa

First Time Mother by Karen Braganza Pereira

I always knew I wanted to be a mother. Also I was the only one who avoided the topic of babies because the idea scared me. Becoming a mother was a melodramatic shift in my life. May 2019, I first found out I was pregnant. I freaked out! All I did was ran to my husband who was fast asleep and broke the news to him. The joy and happiness on his face was priceless. That’s when I knew that it was time to step into the next chapter of our lives - being a first time mother. 9 months were full of drama (which I created), food, care and don't forget the unsolicited advices. Seriously, I sort of thought I would have a magic infusion of motherly wisdom when I gave birth to my 8 month old daughter “Chloe”. Instead becoming a parent was like a tragic movie at first. My heart really sank when my baby was losing her mind, she would cry for everything be it hunger, diaper change and somethings which I am still unaware of. All the unwanted advices had already confused me and I didn’t know wh

10 Easy Steps to Monetize your Blog

1. Design your Blog First, have a theme that is easy on the eyes but attractive at the same time. Second, ensure the layout of your blog is user-friendly and accessible on both desktop and mobile. Lastly, insert plug-ins like page views, labels, follow button, subscribe to email button, blog archive, search this blog, popular posts, about me, ad sense and report abuse button. 2. Complete your Profile If a reader likes your article, they would like to know more about you (author). Therefore, it is very important to complete your About Me section of the blog. Basic details like gender, industry, occupation, location, introduction and interests like books, music and movies. 3. Don’t find your niche Everybody says find a niche but if you want to stand out, create content on a variety of topics like news, politics, business, life, romance, sports, food, travel and fashion so that it meet the needs of a larger audience. 4. Buy a custom domain Just visit

The Fall of Manchester United after SAF

  First things first! Sir Alex Ferguson is undoubtedly the greatest football manager of all time and has won more trophies than any other manager in the history of football. During his illustrious 26 years with Manchester United he won 38 trophies, including 13 Premier League titles, 5 FA Cups, and 2 UEFA Champions League titles. I am always reminded of him every time Manchester United are chasing in the dying minutes of the game. You cannot dismiss them until the referee blows the final whistle because of the “Fergie Time” effect. Sir Alex Ferguson’s leadership style is tough, aggressive and loyal with high commitment towards and from the players. Many of his players considered him as a disciplinarian with a hard character and a stubborn man. In 2013, just two weeks after winning his 13 th Premier League title, Sir Alex announced his retirement from football management crushing hearts of every Manchester United fan and other football enthusiasts. United have gone from serial wi

Must Watch Web Series in 2020

UNDEKHI OTT Platform: Sony LIV Genre: Crime, Drama Cast: Harsh Chhaya, Dibyendu Bhattacharya, Surya Sharma Synopsis: The series is based on true incidents and depicts the two aspects of the society – the power-drunk influential people who think they can get away with anything and the oppressed from the jungles of Sundarban, subjected to years of torture, who finally decide to bring themselves to justice. YOUR HONOUR OTT Platform: Sony LIV Genre: Legal Drama, Action Cast: Jimmy Shergill, Varun Badola, Parul Gulati Synopsis: A judge from Ludhiana loses his honour and sense of judgement when his only son gets involved in a hit-and-run accident.     BANDISH BANDITS     OTT Platform: Amazon Prime     Genre: Musical, Drama, Romance     Cast: Ritwik Bhowmik, Shreya Chaudhary, Naseeruddin Shah, Atul Kulkarni, Kunaal Roy Kapur     Synopsis:  Bandish Bandits comes across as a breath of fresh air as the time when the Indian web space is flooded with a myriad of crime/psycho

President's Rule in Maharashtra??

It was first done in 1980 when the Govt. was dismissed in spite of Sharad Pawar enjoying majority support in the Assembly. In 2014, Govt. was dismissed since Congress separated from its allies NCP and others. Lastly in 2019, no party could form a government after a fractured election verdict and Shiv Sena broke the pre-poll alliance it had with the BJP. Given the current situation in Maharashtra, is it time for President’s Rule to be imposed again ? What is the President’s Rule? Article 356 of the Constitution of India gives President of India the power to suspend the state government and impose President’s Rule of any state in the country if “if he is satisfied that a situation has arisen in which the government of the state cannot be carried on in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution”. The Central government takes direct control of the state and the governor becomes its constitutional head. Even the chief minister’s office will be vacant, compelling the election c

Food Blog by Garima Jain

CHAI FLAVOURED PARLE - G MUFFINS   The largest selling biscuits in the world, older than India’s independence, the OG Parle- G biscuits. Every second and somewhere in some part of the world, 4551 people are eating Parle-G right now. What better way to eat the OG biscuits, other than in the form of muffins. Almost every person who’s eaten the biscuits has tried the nostalgic flavour of Parle dipped in chai. Hence, decided to modify Parle-G cake’s recipe to Chai flavoured Parle-G muffins. I know you are already drooling, get started with baking.  Ingredients * 300 grams biscuits * 1⁄2 cup sugar * 1⁄2 tsp baking powder * 1 tsp vanilla essence  * 2 cup milk  * 2 tsp black tea  * 1/2 tsp tea masala  Method  * Make the chai first. Heat the milk. Once, the milk starts boiling add the black tea and the tea masala. Heat, till the chai is reduced to half. Let it cool!  * Roughly crush the Parle-g biscuits with your hand, add to the food processor along with the sugar. Process till it forms a fin

Guest Post by Drashti Shah

  0 ‘ my beloved city,  Aamchi Mumbai A city of dreams and a city that never sleeps, What has happened to you? A wave of virus has swept over you but it surely cannot compress you, The cases are rising and the heartbeats are pumping with stress, O’ virus, why don’t you disappear ? Early mornings where school kids hopping on a bus is a common phenomenon; today the buses lie deserted on the roads The honking horns and the race among the Uber, Olas and autorickshaws on the roads; the utter chaos and noise vibrates in the city like a windchime, The beautiful smile of my maid each time I open the door; it amazes me inspite of having so little how she manages to be full of love, The echo of sound Bhelpuriwala that signals arrival of the vendor who makes amazing chaat in the locality, The market or bazaar where vendors shout at the top of their voice to sell a few extra veggies or fruits and where bargaining is a norm, Today I miss these little things! People jogging over Nariman Point or fri

Teacher's Day Post by Mohini Choudhari

At the age of 10, my family went through an emotional, financial downfall. This resulted in many changes in our lives and one of which was a change of school for me. I was 14, my mother had me enrolled in a new school (for me), my elder sisters were already studying in this school so there was a level for trust and safety that my mother had with the school. I was excited, shy, nervous and all sorts that a normal teenager is.. I did manage to make new friends. Some who are now family, some whom I cherish meeting. However, this school opened an entirely new world for me. In the world where we now believe in equality, a strange bias (we called it favouritism then) existed. The pets (please read top talents) by default would take part in all the competitions, school functions, interschool activities, sports, etc. Oh yeah, they possessed some super powers I wondered. The teachers did not put any effort in encouraging new talent. This was a very well oiled machine, the process was smooth and

VLOG by Rajvir Karamchandani

  Original poem written for a 4 yr old's poem competition at school which won the 1st prize. Go Corona Go! Go Corona Go Where did you come from?  and when will you go? Go Corona Go  Narendra Modi said India is in a lock lock down Even my school is shut shut down Children can't play outside or go up or down Else Mumma and Papa will frown frown frown Parents are working so I play in my room room room I also clean the house with a broom broom broom  I attend online classes on zoom zoom zoom And then go for a drive vroom vroom vroom  Go Corona Go Where did you come from?  and when will you go? Go Corona Go

When I met GOD - Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar at MCA, Bandra My semester break was on from college and I was just whiling away time when I received a call from my friend and he said, "Come to Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) right now, Sachin is here". I couldn't believe my ears, I picked up a plain white t-shirt to get his signature and headed to Bandra. We waited for almost 4hrs and in the process ended up meeting Zaheer Khan, Harbhajan Singh and Ashish Nehra in the locker room. But like any other Indian, we were hopeful to see Sachin Tendulkar that day because such opportunities don't come by every day. The moment arrived, he stepped out of the indoor practice nets and around 50 people crowded him. I managed to hand over my t-shirt to him and he happily signed. The Indian Cricket Team was leaving for Sri Lanka I think for the 2011 Cricket World Cup and we begged him to click a picture with us. The Little Master obliged and as I stood right next to him, I took the o

Living in a Hostel

The email stated, "Congratulations! You're admitted to IMT Ghaziabad Executive MBA programme for the academic year 2018-19".  I experienced mixed emotions of happiness because I was finally going to do my Masters and sadness because I had to leave my friends and family behind and move to another city. I packed my bags, enjoyed a glass of beer with my best friends at home and headed to the airport for my flight to Delhi. During my transit, I had flashes of the movies Rockford and 3 Idiots about how hostel life would be for me for next 365 days. I entered college and was mind blown by the campus infrastructure.  Well, if you've lived in Bombay your whole life, you don't expect to see an 11 v/s 11 football field in the college campus. We are used to tall buildings and no space.  I got the keys to my hostel room and while enjoying a cigarette with my hostel roommate, I was flabbergasted with the amenities in the room -

Guest Post by Rahul Bandiwadekar (Pause… Live! Don’t just Exist!!)

Year 2015. I was just done with my MBA and was placed in a French Multinational Company. All of 24 years old and eager to win at everything there is. One of the blessings(read: curses) of getting out of an MBA for me at least was it molded me into another potential rat race candidate if I wasn’t one already. I kept telling myself, “alright, let me just grind it out and set myself up for the next few years and then I'm gonna chill.” Close to 4 years later… one evening, I was enjoying a round of drinks with Dad when he popped the question while glancing through his Facebook app, “hey I see your friends did a trip to Dubai, and another group is doing a Euro Trip. What happened? Didn’t get your leaves approved?” To which I responded, “No, to be honest I didn’t even ask for leaves. I lied to my friends about it however so please keep that in mind if it ever pops up in any future conversation… Maybe later… I've still got a lot to do. A lot to achieve. Maybe once that’s