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Migrant Workers Apathy

No Food, No Money... Latest MHA Guidelines In the News Supreme Court order Redefine migrant workers The Hindu The Tribune Live Mint The Prime Minister has addressed the nation four times but failed to spare even a word for millions on the road. A fatigued child asleep on his mother’s suitcase as she slogs it along, a young man holding his friend as he breathes his last after walking hundreds of kilometres. You can see the images everywhere on television since the country went into a nationwide lockdown. Thousands of migrant workers along with their wives and children lost their livelihood overnight when lockdown 1.0 was announced. Many more lost their patience and savings when it was extended further. Hence, they were left with no option and decided to hit the road, sell what they possessed to pay for travel, defied the quarantine and began to walk towards their home state while clashing against the police and local authorities. Eventually, pressure mounted on the G

Leicester City shocks the Football world

How can I have a blog and not write about football? Sit back, relax and read about one of the biggest shocks in football or any sport for that matter. I have been watching English football for about 17 years now and what happened in 2016 can be described as one of the greatest sporting stories of all time, Leicester City were confirmed as champions of the Premier League for the first time in the club's history. The previous season, Leicester was bottom of the table for most of the year and on the brink of relegation.   Seven wins in the last nine matches saved them from relegation and helped them regain their spot in the English top flight. At the beginning of 2015 – 16 season, Leicester City was given odds of 5000-1 to win the Premier League. There was a stronger possibility of Elvis Presley being found alive, so you can imagine the disbelief across the sporting world when this farfetched dream became a reality. Was it the Manager? Leicester City turne

Coping with Job Loss

Tips and Guides I  am not going to give you tips on how to cope with a job loss or anticipated lay off because there are plenty of articles on the web to help you with that. Instead, I will narrate you my personal story of facing difficulties in the corporate world. It was 2011; I’d just graduated from business school and landed my first job at a start up from Singapore. I was young, carefree and determined to make my mark in the professional space, earn my first ever pay check and make my parents proud. One and a half years of slogging my ass off in sales and I received an email from the CEO stating, “We are shutting down India operations due to lack of return on investment”. I was 20 and just lost my first ever job that I loved immensely. I was astounded and didn’t know how to react, what to feel, so I just stepped out of the office to get some fresh air and smoke a cigarette. Next month, I got employed at a sports management firm and was living my dream life. Meeting

Falling in love, AGAIN!

I’m your regular, average looking guy next door. Well, that is after I have had my share of one-night stands, hook ups, flings and girlfriends during my 20s. My idea of a relationship has always been movies, dinners and sex involving no emotional attachment unless demanded. While I was fooling around with girls, one day I received a call that caught me off guard. My best friend broke the news that she is getting married. My best friend was getting married. Wasn’t I supposed to be happy and ecstatic for her? Instead there was this sinking feeling. I started whimpering, a shudder down my spine and I burst into tears because that very moment it dawned upon me that I’ve been in love with her all this while. 9 long years and I never acknowledged my feelings, and now it was too late to tell her. What followed next were obvious days and weeks of sulking, heavy drinking and a devastating period of sadness. I regretted almost everything and felt like I lost out on the love

My 40 Days in France

Living independently for the first time at my MBA college hostel, I had a grueling and taxing first 4 months in Ghaziabad with extended lectures, assignments, sleepless nights and of course partying. The last exam of the term was over and we rushed to our rooms to pack our bags because we were headed to Marseille, France for a 40-day course as part of our International Immersion Program. The vacation mode was on in full swing with plans being made to travel to Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Prague and Rome during our off days from the university. The initial days, we explored Marseille with local sightseeing tours to their town hall across the Old harbour Vieux Port, crime streets with abstract graffiti on walls, museums, witnessing local protests from the Yellow Vest movement at the city centre, view of the Ch√Ęteau d'If (a fortress later turned into prison – read the book “Count of Monte Cristo”), attended a French League football match and finally what got me mos

Lockdown 2020

On Dec 31, 2019, the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) China office received the first reports of an unknown virus behind a number of pneumonia cases in Wuhan, a city in Eastern China. Where we stand? What started as an epidemic mainly limited to China has now become a truly global pandemic. As of today, we stand at 3.66 million cases and 257k deaths worldwide and India is seeing a spike in cases with each passing day with infected patients almost nearing 50k and death toll at 1,700. How it started? The disease seems to have originated from a Wuhan seafood market where wild animals, including birds, rabbits, bats and snakes, are commercially traded through illegal markets. Coronaviruses are identified to jump from animals to humans, so it’s evidenced that the first people infected with the disease were a group predominantly made up of stallholders from the seafood market that contracted it from coming into contact with animals. Impact on Indian Economy The qu

Are you happy? Are you human?

One of the greatest American authors once said…. “No human being can continue for long to exist sanely under conditions of absolute reality.” - Shirley Jackson For me, personally, the above quote makes a lot of sense and gives a new perspective to view life. The first question that comes to my mind is how do we spend our entire lifetime? Figuring out life? Meeting personal and professional needs? Dealing with societal pressure? Sacrificing passion (love) for survival (money)? Living the routine stressful life? Searching for a life partner? Earning to provide a living for us and our dependents? Spending to live a luxurious life? Trying to achieve fame, money, respect and eventual greatness? Living in our own world? Functioning on terms of success and failure? Learning, Unlearning and Relearning? Helping out our close ones in times of need? Surprisingly, we also spend our lives not valuing human life, not valuing time, hurting and losing people, not caring and bother

Yuvraj Singh's Cancer Comeback

Yuvraj Singh has always been in the news whether it is about hitting 6 sixes in the inaugural twenty20 world cup ’07, spearheading India in the Natwest Final’02 & the World Cup’11 triumph or for his personal life about women and marriage. But this time around, he’d made the headlines for something which was beyond sport, money and sex. Yuvraj Singh was the cynosure of all eyes as he started his journey back to international cricket after a 9-month long absence due to cancer. Having inspired a billion people including the ones who are not even remotely connected to the game, Yuvraj Singh stood on the cricket field after defying all the odds – undaunted and carefree. He became the darling of world cricket. Sport critics often talk about how nothing or nobody is bigger than the game but despite all the criticism over his sympathy-driven selection and the loss against New Zealand, Yuvraj Singh proved that he was bigger than cricket on that particular day. Now, the big que