Are you happy? Are you human?

One of the greatest American authors once said….

“No human being can continue for long to exist sanely under conditions of absolute reality.” - Shirley Jackson

For me, personally, the above quote makes a lot of sense and gives a new perspective to view life.

The first question that comes to my mind is how do we spend our entire lifetime?
Figuring out life? Meeting personal and professional needs? Dealing with societal pressure? Sacrificing passion (love) for survival (money)? Living the routine stressful life? Searching for a life partner? Earning to provide a living for us and our dependents? Spending to live a luxurious life? Trying to achieve fame, money, respect and eventual greatness? Living in our own world? Functioning on terms of success and failure? Learning, Unlearning and Relearning? Helping out our close ones in times of need?

Surprisingly, we also spend our lives not valuing human life, not valuing time, hurting and losing people, not caring and bothering, being selfish, judging others, interfering in everybody’s life, begging for social acceptance and approval, living guilt free, being indifferent to all the wrongdoings happening around us, escaping from reality, proving to be better than everybody else, disrespecting the power of knowledge, misusing authority, shying away from responsibility, creating, innovating and destroying, driving violence in the name of religion, pretending to be someone we are not, blaming others for our failures, fearing loneliness, not appreciating the success of others, spreading negativity, cursing your life, being unhappy, blurring the line between surviving and living and list goes on how inhumane we are.

Well, let’s have a look at a few examples of people, who are actually dealing with the harsh realities of this world and how we continue to live in our own shells,

Orphans:  They have never been given the opportunity to have privileges like parents, siblings and FAMILY.
Learnings: Yes, it is a luxury bestowed upon us for having a family. It won’t take up a lot of time to appreciate or rather just acknowledge the sacrifices your parents have made for you to have a decent education, a social life, money to spend recklessly and having a future without facing any struggles in life. Sometimes a hug also suffices no matter how old you are.

Prostitutes: Every year thousands of young girls are trafficked into the red light areas and are locked up for days, starved, beaten, burned with cigarettes and mass raped until they learn how to service unto 25 clients a day. They have never been given the opportunity to have privileges like love, respect by society or any health checks.
Learnings: Let’s not take the person we love for granted, there are enough unfortunate humans who cannot afford the luxury of love.

Medical Patients: They are forced to live each day as their last day on Mother Earth because of circumstances. They have never been given an opportunity to have privileges like having a future, a day without emotional, physical pain or without medication.
Learnings: We are lucky to not have been suffering from AIDS, Cancer or any other such disease; why not draw some inspiration from these real-life fighters who live around us instead of looking down upon them and just be happy and thankful for this life with ease. Let’s work on our willpower and give up habits that we are aware of will harm us in the long run.

We all get so busy in our professions to make a living or do something that we think is productive that through this work-life of ours, we tend to create our own world. We make our own definitions of success and failure, of victories and defeats. And we use these not only to judge our own selves, but also to judge others, without ever realizing that what we all are doing is basically digging holes and filling them up. Different people have different ways of measuring success. Some people measure success by their standard of living, the money they earn, the life they provide for their children, the car they drive, their job title, the grades they received in school, the college they graduated from or the awards or recognition society has showered over them. We all live in our own shells – have our exclusive admirers and critics. We love to inspect ourselves in the mirror, either to reprimand or pat ourselves on the back. And when someone becomes known to the public, he or she lives by the mirror of the newspaper or television channels. Many of them, I have observed, decide their success by the number of times they have appeared on television or number of times their name or photo appears in newspapers.

It doesn't harm anybody to make an attempt of living an honest, happy and content life without even thinking of contributing to this world because let's face it - we resist change, we put in efforts based on the returns we get. So ask yourself today, is there any end to your greed - money, happiness, power, anything?

The world will only become a better place if each of us tries to positively change something about ourselves. Change can neither be instilled like fear nor can it be forced, the motivation to bring about change can only come from within after a deep sense of realization and soul searching.

Being human for us (human beings), no more seems like a possibility but what we can do is let go of our ego, be courteous to people who WE consider are below us, not litter, donate for a cause, not abandon your own parents, not kill your unborn child because she is a girl, express your care or concern, stand up for what you believe is right. Actually, all this is too much for us to even bother about. The least we can do is making it a point to wake up and go to bed with a smile on our face. How difficult can that be?  

We live only once. Why not make it a memorable, meaningful and joyful experience rather than just existing in this world?

So ask yourself today,


  1. I always knew you were empathetic about the issues in society but to pen down these thoughts is overwhelming. So proud of you Beta!

  2. Very good read..highlighting the important issues in society

  3. You have indeed done a commendable work on this article Sanil. And this might motivate many to take the much needed pause - Rethink and Reboot!!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Mrunali ☺️

  4. The article is really well written and the article raises right questions for each of us to ask ourselves...kudos bro...😊

  5. Baba.. Kya pyaara hai tu.. Perspective bhi itna sahi hai.. Lovely stuff.. Keep em coming!

    1. Thank you so much baba. Coming from an avid reader like you, this means a lot 😘😘

  6. Really good one. Struck a chord sanil. Keep it goiing! : rashi

  7. I love getting a look into your thoughts. This article was particularly thought provoking


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