Migrant Workers Apathy

No Food, No Money...

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The Prime Minister has addressed the nation four times but failed to spare even a word for millions on the road.

A fatigued child asleep on his mother’s suitcase as she slogs it along, a young man holding his friend as he breathes his last after walking hundreds of kilometres. You can see the images everywhere on television since the country went into a nationwide lockdown.

Thousands of migrant workers along with their wives and children lost their livelihood overnight when lockdown 1.0 was announced. Many more lost their patience and savings when it was extended further. Hence, they were left with no option and decided to hit the road, sell what they possessed to pay for travel, defied the quarantine and began to walk towards their home state while clashing against the police and local authorities.

Eventually, pressure mounted on the Government and they finally sympathized and decided to allow special trains to take migrant workers back home. During this prolonged decision making, some state governments actually cancelled trains and withdrew application for trains leaving the laborers back on the streets and resume their journey on foot again.

How has the Government tackled this issue?

They allowed the Home Ministry to supervise the lockdown, instead of Health. None of the guidelines issued by the MHA focused on this but rather on the opening of liquor shops for tax revenue. Even the financial package announced by the Finance ministry catered to only construction workers.

The Centre has assisted in providing money and food to the poor but the question that arises is - 
"Why such a delayed response by the Government to help the economically underprivileged?"

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  1. Raising the right questions...keep writing Sunny

  2. Unbelievable scenes we witnessed during the lockdown....I couldn't believe something of this kind was happening outside of riots

    Women dragging her son who is sleeping on the bag exhausted

    A reporter speaking to the driver of the small truck and few hours later finds him dead with his family badly injured (wife and 2 kids)

    Dying on the railwaytracks

    Walking over 1000kms

    Pregnant lady delivers and next day starts walking to her destination

    Crossing yamuna river in absolute darkness so that they are not caught

    Cycling over 1200kms carrying her injured father

    Man eating the remains of the dog because of hunger

    There were so many instances that weren't actually reported...

    Killing of people in the name of covid19, happening right in my hometown, Kadi and Ahmedabad, Gujarat

    Government is clueless, they believe in drinking gau mutra and banging thaali....

    1. Exactly bhai. How can the Govt. be so reckless and overlook how people are suffering because of lockdown..they don't value human life. Finally, some relief with the Supreme Court order yesterday

  3. Typical blame game between the State and Centre

    1. Yes. Thankfully, now the State government will take some action.

  4. Excellent read. Focusing on the current issues the country is facing.

  5. Your writing is neat and crisp. Keep blogging. Cheers ����

  6. The issues have been highlighted aptly. We are truly in a sorry state of affairs.

  7. Well said Sunny! Inspite of the numerous donations and the taxes we all pay, I fail to understand where the money goes. Why there is hardly anything happening at the grassroots and why always we need to depend on NGO’s to support when the Government (if the want to) can easily cover these issues.

    1. It's alarming to see that there is corruption amongst politicians even during such a global health crisis. No wonder we're still a devloping nation. NGOs to the rescue definitely.

      P.S. - Love you queen Divi 😘

  8. You clearly have a clarity about whats right and whats wrong about our govt. thats good to know

    1. Thank you for not dissing at my opinion. I really feel the govt. needs to do more for the poor during such a crisis


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