10 Things To Do during Quarantine

The lockdown continues to extend and I’m sure you are running out of things to do during the quarantine. Here’s a list to keep you engaged and make your day productive.

1. Physical exercise

I cannot emphasize enough about how essential it is to start your day with some exercise, workout regime, yoga or meditation. Physical activity is known to improve your muscle strength, boost endurance and your overall health and quality of life. I have gained 16 kgs since lockdown began and it’s time to shed some weight and I've chosen cycling as the way to do it.

2. Read a book

Reading is important because it helps you grow emotionally, mentally and psychologically. So get back into your reading habit because it’s never too late to pick up a book that’s been lying around for so long.

3. Learn an instrument

With abundant YouTube tutorials available, it’s easy to learn the following instruments online:-
  • Flute
  • Keyboard
  • Guitar
  • Ukulele
  • Violin

4. Binge watch a TV series

We are living in an era of OTT apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hotstar to name a few. So go ahead and binge-watch the TV series that’s been on your watchlist and was pending because you’ve been occupied with work before lockdown.

5. Learn to cook/bake

Domestic helps are not allowed to enter our premises, it’s the best time to help your mom/dad and start to learn how to cook or bake. Cooking makes you self-sufficient, saves money, enhances creativity and boosts your social skills. I have learnt to make tea, egg paratha, bread pizza and my next conquest is butter chicken.

6. Attend an online course

Continuous education is extremely vital to the success of an individual’s professional career. With unemployment rising, it’s the best opportunity to upskill yourself with some free/paid courses available online. I have personally completed 5 courses during the lockdown – introduction to psychology, internal auditor, lead auditor, blog marketing and turning blogging into a career. 

Presently, I’m pursuing my MBA from IMT Ghaziabad and NMIMS University as well as doing a course in philosophy.

7. Learn a new language

Research says it takes about 48 days to learn level 1 of any language. We are on Day 53 of lockdown and by now could’ve learnt a new language if we spent 2 hours a day.

Top languages to learn are Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, German, Hindi, Arabic and Mandarin (but fuck and boycott China).

8. Donate to an NGO

You are well aware about the living situation of migrant laborers, so why not donate a portion of your salary/savings to the PM Relief Fund or any other organization for the welfare of our fellow citizens who are struggling to survive this pandemic. My family has donated an undisclosed amount during lockdown 2.0

9. Play games

Ludo King – It’s the #1 mobile game trending right now, so gather 4 friends and relive your childhood memories with this competitive, addictive game.

Cards – It’s a great opportunity to spend time with your quarantine partner or family playing card games like Rummy, Poker, Uno, Teen Patti, Bluff etc.

Board Games – Bring out Chess, Monopoly, Game of Life and Scrabble and spend a day away from your laptop and phone.

I generally spend my weekends playing FIFA 20 on my PlayStation.

10. Finish pending tasks

Pay your taxes, record your expenses, make a budget, plan systematic investments, learn the stock trade, clean your room, complete household chores and keep yourself occupied because staying busy is the best way to survive this lockdown and avoid loneliness and boredom.

Leave your suggestions in the comments section below of other things that you are doing during quarantine.


  1. Super....everything is so relevant. I meed to donate to an NGO and learn a musical instrument...maybe a Piano.
    Thanks for this list

  2. I'm learning Spanish. I'm experimenting with cooking...n baking ... Playing Uno with family... N the insomniac nights are reserved for binge watching!

    Should take up a course now! Thank you for the links!! Great read!

    1. That sounds amazing. I'm planning to learn German soon. Thank you for your kind words ♥️

  3. yup exactly. it's really helpful. I'll try these methods❤❤��


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