Guest Post by Michelle Dsouza (Life of a Girl Living Alone)

I often come across many interesting yet strange questions when I speak about living independently. So, here am I answering all those questions and sharing my experience of this independent life.
I've been living in Mumbai for about 4 years now. It's been a nightmare, to be honest, but this journey has been tremendous.

From an immature, irresponsible, dependent, and nervous human, I've grown up into a self-dependent, matured, confident, and ethical human being.

Many people tend to ask me how I manage to live alone.

To be honest, this was what I wanted growing up. Not that I dislike my family but because I had my own plans. When I grew up, unexpectedly I got this opportunity and I never had a second thought about it.

I knew it wouldn't be simple but I was ready to take a chance.
Initially, everything went messy which of course was meant to happen but eventually, everything fell in place.

With regards to managing my schedule, I think I was pretty much organized even as a child. I would rather say, I got it from my mother. I always observed how she organized her work so somehow I managed to implement her ways of handling the entire house by myself.

"You must be partying every single day?"

This is one of the most commonly asked questions.

Honestly no, since I live alone doesn't mean I party every single day. I have my week scheduled. I don't party on weekdays or when I'm working. Mostly Saturdays and Sundays are my off day and on these days I prefer to party or go out with to meet my friends.

Even on a weekend, I have a strict schedule. I just can't sleep for the whole day or watch Netflix. Saturdays are mostly the days I do my laundry and clean my house and Sundays are when I do my grocery shopping.

If I skip my work on these two days than I have to manage on my working days which is never possible for me due to my work timings.

Even on a working day, I just can't go home and sleep. I have to cook, do the dishes, clean the house (which I do on a daily basis) and then I get to sleep, and likewise every morning I have to get up by myself, make my own tea, and pack my lunch. (Which I do most times)

Living independently doesn't mean I have no responsibilities. In fact, I have many more things on my plate now.

Many people ask me why I don’t have a cook or a maid.

Frankly speaking, I like to do my work by myself. I've always been this way. I don't like it when someone would wash my dishes or do my laundry. I kind of don't get the satisfaction which I get when I do it myself.

One very strange question which I get many times and honestly I'm tired of answering is - Do know how to cook?

I get pissed every time someone asks me this. Just because I do makeup or act like a careless human doesn't really mean I am.

Surviving on tiffin services or restaurant food doesn't make sense to me. We have to be practical and learn every basic thing about running a house.

Being a girl, I think it's crucial for us to know how to cook and to know every bit of managing a house.

The one thing I like about this journey of independence is that it has made me a much better and reliable human being. Although my life isn't like how a 22-year-olds life should be, I have enjoyed every minute of this life with no regrets.

I love to see the way I've grown up. I always believed that as a girl it is my duty to take care of a house and a family and I'm glad that I've learned it way in advance.

My friends always say, "Your parents-in-law will love you since you the most responsible girl." and every time I hear this, I feel proud and happy that I've made it till here.

I believe that the moment you step out of your comfort is the time you realize your commitments towards your life, your family, or your work. The moment you learn to live through this, trust me you have learned the first lesson of living.

There's honestly a lot that happens behind the scene. I sometimes get stressed up managing so many things at a time but this has been my life since the last 4 years.

Even when I get up feeling sad or lonely, by the end of the day when I go to sleep every night, I feel happy, proud, and satisfied with whatever I am accomplished so far.

About the Author

Michelle, a 22-year-old adventurous girl who always thrives for more. 

Her life has been a roller coaster all these years and every up in her life has taught her to deal with her situations and every downs has given her a hope that life can be better.

She believes to live in the present and enjoy every bit of this ride.


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  2. This is a wonderful article. Keep it up!

  3. Beautifully written. Love your writings as always Michelle

  4. Truely I also would love to have such a life. But my family has a different outlook. Anyways keep it up. Well wrote about your life.


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