Guest Post by Rashmi Vanwani (Health Benefits of Trekking & Hiking)

My love for mountains is endless. Being more of a mountain girl, I love to explore the unseen peaks, mountains, and the scenic views they offer. Since I have started my blog Nomadifying, I love to pen down my travel experiences not just because I want to share them, but mainly because I want to make you all aware of the delicacies of the place. In my traveling experiences so far, I have learned many unknown facts. The most interesting and important fact is that trekking and hiking gives a lot of health benefits. So today I have brought you some unknown health benefits from trekking and hiking.

A Glimpse about Trekking and Hiking
Going trekking and hiking is not just limited to being in the mountains, carrying a backpack with all basic requirements, and tagging the remote peaks. It has a lot more to offer. Other than enjoying the mesmerizing views and capturing them, you can get numerous health benefits from trekking and hiking.
Along with the physical strength, you can grow emotionally as well as mentally. Trekking and hiking can transform you in ways more than you can imagine. Read on and get to know what exactly the benefits of hiking and trekking are.

List of Health Benefits from Trekking and Hiking

1. Burn Calories and Lose Extra Pounds

This is one of the most important benefits of trekking and hiking for many people. While spending hours on the hiking trails, you can easily burn 400-500 calories in an hour. More heavyweight you carry more calories you will burn.

2. Makes your Heart Stronger

Trekking and hiking helps to reduce the blood pressure and improves respiratory and circulatory system. So, it reduces the chances of stroke, heart attack, respiratory disorders, cardiovascular pains, and much more.

3. Controls Sugar and Cholesterol Levels

Other than making your heart and bones healthy, you get many other health benefits from trekking and hiking. Hiking helps to lower your blood pressure. The brisker the walk, the better it is.

4. Boosts up your Mood

Hiking and trekking can give you some life-changing experiences. The beautiful nature, peace, the fauna, the meadows, colorful skies, healing winds can leave a very positive impact on your mind and soul. You become more active, stress-free, and positive in every way. Keep hiking and trekking to live more happily.

5. Strengthen Your Muscles and Bones

Trekking helps in enhancing the elasticity of your bones and muscles. It helps to strengthen your muscles by powering them up. If you carry a backpack while trekking, it helps to strengthen up your upper body. Hiking and trekking also helps you improve your body balance.

6. Improve your Metabolism

Apart from the above-mentioned things, going for hiking and trekking can help you improve your metabolism by building muscle mass in your legs.

Apart from adventure, hiking and trekking can offer a lot more things. Above I have discussed some of the health benefits from trekking and hiking. Along with a mesmerizing experience on mountains, you can contribute much to improve your health. Hiking and trekking are not only meant to explore and travel, but a good way to boost up your health.

About the Author

Rashmi Vanwani cannot be introduced as a writer or a digital marketer as she has always been a traveller, explorer, and amid viewer of different cultures. She has spent countless days and hours on the roads of India. Rashmi worries less about life and goes with the flow. She believes life is super beautiful without worries and fears in between the mountains. Apart from that, she does freelancing in digital marketing with her main focus branch being Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

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