Guest Post by Sarthak Dhanwantri (Barcelona Diaries)

The Idea

When I started binge watching How I Met Your Mother, almost a decade back, I became an instant fan of Barney. (Well, I watched HIMYM before Friends, so Chandler is second in the list). Our Neil Patrick Harris aka ‘Suit-up’ guy always gave mantra to make life legend-wait-for-it-dary and his love for Laser tag and strip club, made an entry into my to-do list.

Thanks to Play Arena, Bangalore, played laser tag back in year 2015.  What’s left was strip club and I had to wait for 4 years for that. While pursuing my masters, I got an opportunity to go to France for an exchange term and that’s when I planned to tick the long pending item.

I wasn’t as excited for Eiffel as I was for strip club. And what better place to full-fill the wish other than Barcelona, home of Camp-Nou, mecca for Messi fans. Although I’m a Ronaldo fan, but one simply can’t miss the talisman in action.

Morning in the city

As Barney said that nothing is Legendary unless your friends are there to witness it. I had company of 5 others, all equally excited for the trip. The day started with visit to Sagrada Familia, the eighth wonder of the world for me. As fascinating as it is from outside, it’s equally amazing from Inside. Although, you’ll have to shell 20 euros (Rs 1600, approx..) for the advance booking (Do remember to book it at least a month in advance). We spent couple of hours inside going ‘woah’ and ‘wow’. Its construction began in 1882 and is expected to be completed in 2026, the death centenary of chief architect Antoni Gaudi.


Barcelona was playing its last league match the same day against Getafe. We had no plans to see the match and were excited to just catch a glimpse of Messi. But, when we saw players driving into the stadium, an instant decision was made to watch the match. I and one friend bought the tickets in black, then and there. (Bargain as much as you can, we got 120 euros worth ticket in 70). And those 90 minutes are still fresh in my mind. Witnessing one of the finest crowd of world and watching Messi dribble past 3 defenders to score, there is nothing more you can ask for.

Just for Food!

There are lots of Indians (Punjabi) shops in Barcelona and trust me, they’ll welcome you with all love. We then headed for lunch and ‘Bombay Spice’ at La Rambla was the place to go. Authentic Indian food and great ambience. (Tip: Ask for sweet lassi post your meal and you’ll not regret it).


We then went back to our hostel to take rest and get ready to tick the checklist, the strip club. You need to make the booking at least 4 hours in advance. The person on the call told us that we’ll be picked up. The entry charges were around 100 euros, including a drink and pickup and drop. Though, they won’t be dropping you back and instead will hand some amount for return journey. It was almost 10 and I got a call informing that the ride has arrived. 

As soon as we stepped out of hostel, our jaws dropped! It was Tesla Model Y. I grabbed the front seat while others were still confirming if this was really our ride. As soon as we hit the highway and driver hit the gas pedal, it was like nirvana. The ride was ‘Paisa-Vasool’ and at that point we all were in a different zone and agreed that even if we don’t make it to strip club, we aren’t going to regret it. 

Trust me, we were sad that we reached our destination. 

We got down made an entry into the strip club and the ambience looked a little shady. Though, this feeling lasted only for a short while. (Advice, just grab a couch, relax and hang on). Then started my favorite song, Apologize by One Republic and I watched the first ever pole dance of my life! She was amazing. 

What followed, was at a different level, a performance with fire, she literally blew all minds. We stayed for couple of hours and watched 4 performance, all great.
(A typical lap dance will cost you around 50 euros (you can try and bargain)).

The day ended at 4 in the morning, we came back to hostel and slept to gear up for the next day.

About the Author

Sarthak Dhanwantri was a Software Engineer for 5 years only to realize he couldn't do so, let's do MBA. Don't ask me about MBA, before I could make up my mind to study, 1 year ended. 

Taller than 94% of the people of the world. Travelling excites me and so does food. I can cook too, and find it tasty. Yet to try it on any other human, since I cooked a chapati for my dog once and damn! he refused.

You can follow Sarthak on Instagram 


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