Living in a Hostel

The email stated, "Congratulations! You're admitted to IMT Ghaziabad Executive MBA programme for the academic year 2018-19". 

I experienced mixed emotions of happiness because I was finally going to do my Masters and sadness because I had to leave my friends and family behind and move to another city.

I packed my bags, enjoyed a glass of beer with my best friends at home and headed to the airport for my flight to Delhi.

During my transit, I had flashes of the movies Rockford and 3 Idiots about how hostel life would be for me for next 365 days.

I entered college and was mind blown by the campus infrastructure. 

Well, if you've lived in Bombay your whole life, you don't expect to see an 11 v/s 11 football field in the college campus. We are used to tall buildings and no space. 

I got the keys to my hostel room and while enjoying a cigarette with my hostel roommate, I was flabbergasted with the amenities in the room - a chair, a table, a bed and a cupboard.

Where the fuck was the bathroom?

Surprise! Surprise!

We took a stroll down the corridor and figured there are common bathrooms and toilets. One floor, approx. 8 rooms, 3 bathrooms, 1 western toilet, 1 Indian commode, 2 wash basins and 3 urinals.

We are executive MBA students with over 5+ years of work experience and we're supposed to live like graduate teenagers with shared bathrooms.

This arrangement was ridiculous.

I called up my parents and vented out my frustration that there is no heater, AC doesn't work, shared bathrooms, old hostel and garbage lying around everywhere.

Then we headed to the canteen mess and figured non veg is served only twice a week for dinner. 

Another disappointment!

When everything fails, you turn to alcohol to pass the night and prepare for Day 1 of MBA college.

Soon the first term was over and we got so busy with academics that living in a hostel was not about the amenities anymore. It was about waking up early to use the bathroom, running through the campus to make it to the lectures on time, working late night on projects, suiting up for presentations, partying on the weekly offs with Old Monk and Pizza, developing new friendships, playing sports and creating memories that'd last a lifetime.

Living in a hostel for the first time is not all hunky dory but your batch mates make it easy and a pleasant ride. 100% recommended.

IMT Hostel Life in a Nutshell


  1. Now you're experiencing online MBA too

  2. Very relatable for someone who has lived more than half of her life away ( 8 years in a boarding school and 4 otherwise) 💯
    By the end it’s all worth it 😊

  3. I soooooo miss that place man! It was good while it lasted...


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