10 Easy Steps to Monetize your Blog

1. Design your Blog

First, have a theme that is easy on the eyes but attractive at the same time. Second, ensure the layout of your blog is user-friendly and accessible on both desktop and mobile. Lastly, insert plug-ins like page views, labels, follow button, subscribe to email button, blog archive, search this blog, popular posts, about me, ad sense and report abuse button.

2. Complete your Profile

If a reader likes your article, they would like to know more about you (author). Therefore, it is very important to complete your About Me section of the blog. Basic details like gender, industry, occupation, location, introduction and interests like books, music and movies.

3. Don’t find your niche

Everybody says find a niche but if you want to stand out, create content on a variety of topics like news, politics, business, life, romance, sports, food, travel and fashion so that it meet the needs of a larger audience.

4. Buy a custom domain

Just visit https://domains.google/intl/en_in/ and purchase your very own custom domain name for Rs. 860/year on Google. Alternatively, you can try https://in.godaddy.com/offers/domains/.

The benefits of a custom domain name are branding, SEO advantage, social media credibility, web promotion and seriousness about blogging,

5. Blog Pages

In order to qualify for Google AdSense, you need to have the following 3 pages on your blog:-

Privacy Policy https://www.privacypolicygenerator.info/

Disclaimer https://www.disclaimergenerator.net/

Terms of Service https://www.termsandconditionsgenerator.com/

6. Content! Content! Content!

The most important thing to get Google AdSense approval quickly is to write good, original and quality content. Add labels and search description to each of your blog posts. Change the blog post URL from automatic permalink to custom link by shortening it. Writing frequent posts also adds credibility to your blog and increase web traffic.

7. Website Traffic

You will initially have to rely on social media traffic from Whatsapp, Facebook (I get maximum viewers from Fb blogger groups with over 500k members), Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Quora and Medium. Social media shares will decrease your Google ranking but that’s when we turn to organic web traffic from search engines in the penultimate step.

8. Do an online course

As a novice blogger, I hit a roadblock in terms of website traffic where I was averaging only 100-150 page views per day. That’s when I decided to learn about the art of blog marketing and how to turn it into a business. You can undertake these free blogging courses:-



9. The SEO Advantage

Make keyword research part of your planning and focus on long-tail keyword opportunities. https://ads.google.com/home/tools/keyword-planner/

Blogs can’t be all about text and therefore, you need to optimize your images.

Invite your network to write Guest Posts for your blog to increase your visibility.

Insert relevant links in your posts directing to other websites.

Edit your website’s html code to add meta description and keywords that describe your blog.

10. Google AdSense

Finally, go to your blogger’s dashboard > earnings tabs > allow ads to display on blog > apply to Google AdSense. It usually takes 48hrs for Google to approve Ads for your blog but in some cases it can go up to weeks. Be patient!


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