Guest Post by Drashti Shah


0‘ my beloved city, Aamchi Mumbai
A city of dreams and a city that never sleeps,
What has happened to you?
A wave of virus has swept over you but it surely cannot compress you,
The cases are rising and the heartbeats are pumping with stress,
O’ virus, why don’t you disappear

Early mornings where school kids hopping on a bus is a common phenomenon; today the buses lie deserted on the roads
The honking horns and the race among the Uber, Olas and autorickshaws on the roads; the utter chaos and noise vibrates in the city like a windchime,
The beautiful smile of my maid each time I open the door; it amazes me inspite of having so little how she manages to be full of love,
The echo of sound Bhelpuriwala that signals arrival of the vendor who makes amazing chaat in the locality,
The market or bazaar where vendors shout at the top of their voice to sell a few extra veggies or fruits and where bargaining is a norm,
Today I miss these little things!

People jogging over Nariman Point or friends talking for hours watching the Queens necklace over a joyous laughter is a sight I miss,
However the sad news are also supported by some happy news,
Dolphins are easier to spot at Marine Drive which makes me wonder,
Are humans better indoors or isn’t it high time we start thinking how to be more accommodative with other living species on this planet?
In a city where they say you have to make your own space, lets make little space in our hearts for these lovely living creatures!

Hugs and kisses is what I wanted to give my friends and family as I was going to meet them after long,
The surprise visits changed plans to home quarantine,
Birthday visits changed to wishing each other over whatsapp and zoom video calls,
In a life today where social distancing is going to be the new norm,
I wonder when will things get back to normal,
Today I miss the free life that we were so used to in life!

Life has changed tracks,
Nowhere to be seen today are the dabbawalas of Mumbai who are said to be the lifeline of the city,
Mumbai local that keeps running non stop and is the only affordable mode for many everyday commuters has come to a halt,
While Mumbai floods was the only calamity that could make you come to a standstill; today the virus has made you still
Overcrowding is a common phenomenon for Mumbai local and how I wished that I didn’t ever have to get into those again after coming from London,
Today when the same are turned in quarantine centres they seem a blessing to have for the many people who will isolate themselves there,
Who would have thought something meant to run a city will be used some day to cure the human race!

Daily livelihoods of many have come to a standstill and where next meal for the day is a question for many that is unknown,
For we are sitting in our homes but there are many out on the roads who are waiting to go to their village which they call as their home,
Life has taken a big turn,
Governments across the world are struggling to come up with a solution; is vaccine possibly the only solution?
The neglected healthcare deserves the attention not only for today but also for the future,
Doctors, Nurses, Police, Politicians, Cleaners are the new heroes,
Can we salute the ones who risk their lives while we sit at our homes!

A ray of hope over the darkness,
Life will soon be back on track,
For when the calamity strikes people on Earth do shake a bit but there is always an end to a sad story,
A little patience and perseverance maybe is the key,
Probably it is here to teach each one a lesson – To not take anything in life for granted!!
O’ my beloved city, Aamchi Mumbai
You shall rise again!
The world shall indeed be a happy place to live in again and where travel goals shall be ticked!

About the Author

Drashti Shah is an economics, finance and public policy enthusiast. She is an avid nature lover and enjoys trekking and exploring new places in her free time.


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