10 Happy Moments by Aakriti Kochhar Sachdeva

10 Happy Moments of My Life

1. The first time I held my baby sister in my arms. I was happy I had someone I could bully!

2. The first time I saw the Eiffel Tour twinkle.  There is nothing about Paris that didn’t fascinate me: the wine, the fashion, the culture, the gastronomy and the people (especially the men!) Then first time I saw the Eiffel tour was like a long awaited dream come true! The better part, I sponsored my own trip!

3. When I brought my first puppy home and my life has never been the same! My dogs have taught me to love selflessly and to always look where I put my foot (if I don’t, its usually in dog poo)

4. When I entered Disneyland! The first thing on my bucket list was going to Disneyland since I could probably spell ‘Disneyland’! I was longing to go to the happiest and most magical place on Earth! Going there with the love of my life made this experience even better.

5. When I met my childhood friend after many years over drinks and realized distance didn’t change anything except our health the next day because we were a few litres of beer down!

6. When I went to Tomorrowland, it was Holy Molly!!! Lights do come to life and I experienced music like never before!

7. My Wedding Day! Even though the lehenga was half my weight, the feeling of marrying the love of my life made me the happiest!

8. I was tutoring at an orphanage in my free time. On my last day there, all my students made cards for me and wrote the sweetest things. I still go through them whenever I’m low.

9. The day my parents told me that they are proud of me for the person I have become. 

10. The day I got my first order. I’m into manufacturing and exporting women’s fast fashion garments. The day I got my first order from a renowned Fashion brand was a moment I will hold on to forever. 


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