Expectations by Kriti Sharma

How would your life be if you weren't expected to be an obedient child?

Would you be determined? or would it be confusing?

Would you be able to find your own path? Or would you be stuck questioning your every move?

Would it be exciting to rebel? or would the choices bore you?

As a child my parents never expected anything from me except being a good human. I was never forced to do anything, and if they ever forbid some action, I would try to understand why. Partly because I liked keeping an "average child" image.

I would always see my younger brother (who was super smart) burdened by the expectations because of his AWESOMENESS! I realised that the better you are at something, the more under scrutiny you are. So, to avoid the Cons , I liked to avoid living up to my potential. Sounds Crazy right?

Coming from a highly educated family, I am the least educated with a Bcom, Mcom, LLB and IPCC. Had I not put up that front, I would have come under tremendous pressure and may have ended up only with Bcom. I cannot do well in stress, and thats what expectations give me while a competition or a challenge is what drives me.
When I would get challenged, it would be like the Hare and the Tortoise race where I would be the Tortoise. Lack of Expectations gave me the extra confidence (most of the times OVERCONFIDENCE) I needed.

Wherever I am today, is because someone made me believe I couldn't do it.
My 8 year old Arch Nemesis (Now my best friend) would exclude a 6 year old me from playing games with the 'boys', for the next 10 years I played almost every game they did, got into several fist fights with him and made sure he knew I was here to stay. 

I started loving math the day my math teacher embarrassed me and it drove me to get the highest marks in class. 

A peer challenged me that passing IPCC wasnt my cup of tea (I wanted to PUNCH him, I didn't) and guess what I did? Cleared that annoying exam.

Almost everyone I know told me it was IMPOSSIBLE to study after marriage let alone after a child, I cleared Mcom and CET after being married. Gave LLB SEM 1 being 7 months pregnant, Sem 2 with a 1 month old child, SEM 3 and 4 with a toddler, and giving 5 and 6 as i currently write this online. All while handling the house and my baby.

My parents  never expected anything of me, because they believed in me, that wherever I go, I will carve my way out! It wont be pleasant nor will it be 'Perfect' but I will make it work for me.

Being  a mother to a 2 year old, I dont know what the future holds, but in the present I try to keep zero expectations. I do realise some kids need a push to do better, but does every kid require a push in the same direction?

You may decide to push someone from the back and they may resist it, but if you push a child from the front as a challenge that child will rebel and prove you his worth!

What are your thoughts about this?


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