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Curious Case of Nepotism

Due to certain circumstances in 2014, I had to turn to my father to help me make a career shift from Sales & Marketing to the Shipping industry. A lot of my work colleagues called me a classic case of nepotism because I leveraged his reputation and contacts to begin my journey in Maritime.  When I look back now, I feel extremely content that he opened a door of opportunity for me where I started off as a trainee and worked my way up in the organization to mid-level management with sheer dedication and hard work without any favouritism or getting job promotions on a silver platter. Now let’s talk about the trending topic in the news – Nepotism in Bollywood. I firmly believe there is nothing wrong if the son/daughter of a famous actor, female actor, director or producer gets a launch pad for their debut in movies. The problem arises when these A-listers create a clan in the industry and do not give equal opportunity to outsiders who come with dreams of making it big with their pa

Coping with Job Loss

Tips and Guides I  am not going to give you tips on how to cope with a job loss or anticipated lay off because there are plenty of articles on the web to help you with that. Instead, I will narrate you my personal story of facing difficulties in the corporate world. It was 2011; I’d just graduated from business school and landed my first job at a start up from Singapore. I was young, carefree and determined to make my mark in the professional space, earn my first ever pay check and make my parents proud. One and a half years of slogging my ass off in sales and I received an email from the CEO stating, “We are shutting down India operations due to lack of return on investment”. I was 20 and just lost my first ever job that I loved immensely. I was astounded and didn’t know how to react, what to feel, so I just stepped out of the office to get some fresh air and smoke a cigarette. Next month, I got employed at a sports management firm and was living my dream life. Meeting