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CHAI FLAVOURED PARLE - G MUFFINS   The largest selling biscuits in the world, older than India’s independence, the OG Parle- G biscuits. Every second and somewhere in some part of the world, 4551 people are eating Parle-G right now. What better way to eat the OG biscuits, other than in the form of muffins. Almost every person who’s eaten the biscuits has tried the nostalgic flavour of Parle dipped in chai. Hence, decided to modify Parle-G cake’s recipe to Chai flavoured Parle-G muffins. I know you are already drooling, get started with baking.  Ingredients * 300 grams biscuits * 1⁄2 cup sugar * 1⁄2 tsp baking powder * 1 tsp vanilla essence  * 2 cup milk  * 2 tsp black tea  * 1/2 tsp tea masala  Method  * Make the chai first. Heat the milk. Once, the milk starts boiling add the black tea and the tea masala. Heat, till the chai is reduced to half. Let it cool!  * Roughly crush the Parle-g biscuits with your hand, add to the food processor along with the sugar. Process till it forms a fin

Top 5 Date Spots in Bombay

If you're running out of date night ideas, then head to one of these places and I'm sure your partner/spouse will have an eventful experience and it's easy on the pocket too. 1) Hakkasan, Bandra When it opened in 2011, it took the city by storm. It's an international Chinese restaurant chain with the highest quality standards when it comes to food, drinks and customer service. The menu is a modern interpretation of authentic Cantonese food. Also, this is where I go for my first dates. Cost : Rs. 2,500 for 2 people (without alcohol) Top dishes : Dumplings, Dimsum platter 2) Roadhouse Bluez, Andheri This is an American influenced dive bar with the ambience of a classic rock pub hosting regular karaoke nights. You can spot me here on Thursday and Saturday nights. Cost : Rs. 2,000 for 2 people (with alcohol) Top dishes : Chef's special prawns wrapped in chicken, free popcorn 3) Leaping Windows, Versova It's one of the few book reading cafes in Bombay

Guest Post by Radha Yadav (Food Recipe - Egg Paratha)

Egg Paratha is an easy to make breakfast, lunch or dinner recipe that is rich in protein, healthy and extremely tasty to eat. I fondly remember my mother making it for me as a school snack. INGREDIENTS ½ cup wheat flour (atta) ½ cup water (100 ml) 1 egg 2 tablespoon oil 1 small onion chopped finely 1 tablespoon coriander leaves 1 green chilli chopped 1 pinch of salt 1 pinch of black pepper     Pro Tip : You can add cheese, tomatoes and capsicum as per your needs METHOD Add ½ cup wheat flour to a bowl Knead it with water and oil to make a soft dough Cover it and set aside for approx. 20 minutes Prepare the egg mixture – salt and black pepper Roll the dough to a round even layer and add oil to it. Place the paratha on the hot pan (tawa) with oil. Once the paratha is puffy, pour the egg mixture on top of it Flip the paratha and cook on the other side as well to ensure that the egg is cooked completely on the edges. Flip it again and put chopped