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I'm a Recovering Alcoholic

My doctor exclaimed, “You should consider going to rehab”. While I took the long walk back home, I realized that alcohol had taken over my life. I was not consuming it anymore but instead it was consuming me. What did I do next? I bought a bottle of the finest scotch, went to my room, played heavy metal music and poured myself a drink. Then another one and another one and another one till everything faded to black and I passed out on the bed. Next morning, I obviously had a terrible hangover but I started googling rehabilitation centres in Bombay. Did I really have an alcohol addiction? Was I a raging alcoholic? Did I need medication and psychiatric help? The questions kept bothering me for the subsequent days and weeks. I’ve been drinking frequently for almost 10 years but 2014 was when it all began to go south. I used to drink 4 pegs after office on weekdays and binge drink on weekends with friends. My debit card statement for months had transactions of onl

Guest Post by Kriti Sharma (My Mental Health Therapist - Art)

Kriti at her art stall 5 years ago I was living my BEST life! I had a dream!! I was reluctantly studying for CA, earning peanuts (Rs. 3000 per month to be precise) and attending college and classes all day!! My dream made me feel happy and alive. And the stepping stone of realizing this dream was giving my father a cheque of Rs. 3000  every month (Rs. 100/ day) which he would proudly go and deposit in the bank himself! Well it doesn't sound that great but it was an inch closer towards my dream. I always dreamt of having a house of my own overlooking the sea, a blue Volkswagen Beetle and being able to travel the world with nothing but a bag pack! That was ALL I had EVER wanted. I was living under a HUGE emotional turmoil when I met my husband! We were so different yet we hit it off as if we knew each other for ages.  I had big dreams, while he had already accomplished his. Being with him meant accomplishing my destination without going through the journey, so we both chose