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President's Rule in Maharashtra??

It was first done in 1980 when the Govt. was dismissed in spite of Sharad Pawar enjoying majority support in the Assembly. In 2014, Govt. was dismissed since Congress separated from its allies NCP and others. Lastly in 2019, no party could form a government after a fractured election verdict and Shiv Sena broke the pre-poll alliance it had with the BJP. Given the current situation in Maharashtra, is it time for President’s Rule to be imposed again ? What is the President’s Rule? Article 356 of the Constitution of India gives President of India the power to suspend the state government and impose President’s Rule of any state in the country if “if he is satisfied that a situation has arisen in which the government of the state cannot be carried on in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution”. The Central government takes direct control of the state and the governor becomes its constitutional head. Even the chief minister’s office will be vacant, compelling the election c

Migrant Workers Apathy

No Food, No Money... Latest MHA Guidelines In the News Supreme Court order Redefine migrant workers The Hindu The Tribune Live Mint The Prime Minister has addressed the nation four times but failed to spare even a word for millions on the road. A fatigued child asleep on his mother’s suitcase as she slogs it along, a young man holding his friend as he breathes his last after walking hundreds of kilometres. You can see the images everywhere on television since the country went into a nationwide lockdown. Thousands of migrant workers along with their wives and children lost their livelihood overnight when lockdown 1.0 was announced. Many more lost their patience and savings when it was extended further. Hence, they were left with no option and decided to hit the road, sell what they possessed to pay for travel, defied the quarantine and began to walk towards their home state while clashing against the police and local authorities. Eventually, pressure mounted on the G

Lockdown 2020

On Dec 31, 2019, the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) China office received the first reports of an unknown virus behind a number of pneumonia cases in Wuhan, a city in Eastern China. Where we stand? What started as an epidemic mainly limited to China has now become a truly global pandemic. As of today, we stand at 3.66 million cases and 257k deaths worldwide and India is seeing a spike in cases with each passing day with infected patients almost nearing 50k and death toll at 1,700. How it started? The disease seems to have originated from a Wuhan seafood market where wild animals, including birds, rabbits, bats and snakes, are commercially traded through illegal markets. Coronaviruses are identified to jump from animals to humans, so it’s evidenced that the first people infected with the disease were a group predominantly made up of stallholders from the seafood market that contracted it from coming into contact with animals. Impact on Indian Economy The qu