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Brothel made me PUKE!

Donate now for Apne Aap Women's Collective It was the night of 16 th August, 2008 around 1:30am when I was returning home after my annual college event that I saw adult sex workers lined up opposite my college in Juhu, Mumbai. As I walked ahead looking for transportation, I witnessed a horrific sight of middle-aged men paying and picking up child prostitutes. That spectacle disturbed and aggravated me but made me feel helpless at the same time. Back then, I was 17 years old, living a regular college student’s life but till date that moment haunts me. After days of research and discussion with parents, I decided to volunteer for an NGO that helped children, young girls and women in prostitution. Our primary objective was not to rescue these people from the red light districts in liaison with the police force. Instead, it was providing them with child care, vocational education and training, corporate fund raising for running rehabilitation centers, organize health ch