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10 Happy Moments by Aakriti Kochhar Sachdeva

10 Happy Moments of My Life 1. The first time I held my baby sister in my arms.  I was happy I had someone I could bully! 2. The first time I saw the Eiffel Tour twinkle.  There is nothing about Paris that didn’t fascinate me: the wine, the fashion, the culture, the gastronomy and the people (especially the men!) Then first time I saw the Eiffel tour was like a long awaited dream come true! The better part, I sponsored my own trip! 3. When I brought my first puppy home and my life has never been the same! My dogs have taught me to love selflessly and to always look where I put my foot (if I don’t, its usually in dog poo) 4. When I entered Disneyland! The first thing on my bucket list was going to Disneyland since I could probably spell ‘Disneyland’! I was longing to go to the happiest and most magical place on Earth! Going there with the love of my life made this experience even better. 5. When I met my childhood friend after many years over drinks and realized distance didn’t ch

Guest Post by Rahul Bandiwadekar (Pause… Live! Don’t just Exist!!)

Year 2015. I was just done with my MBA and was placed in a French Multinational Company. All of 24 years old and eager to win at everything there is. One of the blessings(read: curses) of getting out of an MBA for me at least was it molded me into another potential rat race candidate if I wasn’t one already. I kept telling myself, “alright, let me just grind it out and set myself up for the next few years and then I'm gonna chill.” Close to 4 years later… one evening, I was enjoying a round of drinks with Dad when he popped the question while glancing through his Facebook app, “hey I see your friends did a trip to Dubai, and another group is doing a Euro Trip. What happened? Didn’t get your leaves approved?” To which I responded, “No, to be honest I didn’t even ask for leaves. I lied to my friends about it however so please keep that in mind if it ever pops up in any future conversation… Maybe later… I've still got a lot to do. A lot to achieve. Maybe once that’s

Guest Post by Sarthak Dhanwantri (Barcelona Diaries)

The Idea When I started binge watching How I Met Your Mother, almost a decade back, I became an instant fan of Barney. (Well, I watched HIMYM before Friends, so Chandler is second in the list). Our Neil Patrick Harris aka ‘Suit-up’ guy always gave mantra to make life legend-wait-for-it-dary and his love for Laser tag and strip club, made an entry into my to-do list. Thanks to Play Arena, Bangalore, played laser tag back in year 2015.   What’s left was strip club and I had to wait for 4 years for that. While pursuing my masters, I got an opportunity to go to France for an exchange term and that’s when I planned to tick the long pending item. I wasn’t as excited for Eiffel as I was for strip club. And what better place to full-fill the wish other than Barcelona, home of Camp-Nou, mecca for Messi fans. Although I’m a Ronaldo fan, but one simply can’t miss the talisman in action. Morning in the city As Barney said that nothing is Legendary unless your friends

Guest Post by Rashmi Vanwani (Health Benefits of Trekking & Hiking)

My love for mountains is endless. Being more of a mountain girl, I love to explore the unseen peaks, mountains, and the scenic views they offer. Since I have started my blog Nomadifying , I love to pen down my travel experiences not just because I want to share them, but mainly because I want to make you all aware of the delicacies of the place. In my traveling experiences so far, I have learned many unknown facts. The most interesting and important fact is that trekking and hiking gives a lot of health benefits. So today I have brought you some unknown health benefits from trekking and hiking. A Glimpse about Trekking and Hiking Going trekking and hiking is not just limited to being in the mountains, carrying a backpack with all basic requirements, and tagging the remote peaks. It has a lot more to offer. Other than enjoying the mesmerizing views and capturing them, you can get numerous health benefits from trekking and hiking. Along with the physical strength,

My 40 Days in France

Living independently for the first time at my MBA college hostel, I had a grueling and taxing first 4 months in Ghaziabad with extended lectures, assignments, sleepless nights and of course partying. The last exam of the term was over and we rushed to our rooms to pack our bags because we were headed to Marseille, France for a 40-day course as part of our International Immersion Program. The vacation mode was on in full swing with plans being made to travel to Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Prague and Rome during our off days from the university. The initial days, we explored Marseille with local sightseeing tours to their town hall across the Old harbour Vieux Port, crime streets with abstract graffiti on walls, museums, witnessing local protests from the Yellow Vest movement at the city centre, view of the Château d'If (a fortress later turned into prison – read the book “Count of Monte Cristo”), attended a French League football match and finally what got me mos